Upstairs At Eric's (Remastered)

Upstairs At Eric's (Remastered)


  1. Don't Go
  2. Too Pieces
  3. Bad Connection
  4. I Before E Except After C
  5. Midnight
  6. In My Room
  7. Only You
  8. Goodbye 70's
  9. Tuesday
  10. Winter Kills
  11. Bring Your Love Down (Didn't I)

Digitally remastered edition of 'Upstair's At Erics', to be released 9th June 2008.

Writing & Publishing Information

Don't Go, Too Pieces, Bad Connection, I Before E Except After C, In My Room, Only You, Tuesday, written by Vince Clarke. Published by Musical Moments Ltd./Sony Music Publishing

Midnight, Goodbye '70's, Winter Kills, Bring Your Love Down (Didn't I), written by Alison Moyet. Published by Mega Music Ltd.

Recording Information

Vocals and piano: Moyet
Noises: Clarke
Produced by E.C. Radcliffe and Yazoo at Blackwing Studios

Additional production and noises on Upstairs at Eric's by Daniel Miller
Engineering on Upstairs at Eric's by E.C. Radcliffe and John Fryer
Extra chit-chat on Upstairs at Eric's by D. Davis

Re-mastered by Simon Heyworth at Super Audio Mastering, Devon